Harry Kotlar Reveals New Interlude Collection

Harry Kotlar Reveals New Interlude Collection

New collection of jewelry takes inspiration from Baroque-era’s classical music

The last twelve months have been notable ones for Harry Kotlar and followers of the brand. Within that span of time, the jewelry house released a short film that dramatized its decades-long dedication to its craft. Harry Kotlar is set to reach another milestone with the reveal of its latest array of jewelry — the Interlude collection.

The Interlude collection reveals a full suite of new pieces: an engagement ring, a band, and earrings, all of which were inspired by the fluidity and majesty of a classical music.


Inspired by the Baroque Era

Most fine jewelry takes their inspiration from physical things — the silhouette of summer blossoms, or the perfect symmetry of geological formations. The Interlude collection, however, takes its inspiration from something a bit more ephemeral: the grandeur and drama of 18th century orchestral music.

The 18th century was known as the Baroque era. The music of the time, along with art and architecture, reveled in its grand scale and opulent forms. Composers such as Mozart, Handel, and Bach produced works that defined the era.       

The Italian master artisans that created Harry Kotlar’s Interlude collection were influenced by these musical characteristics. The engagement ring, bands, and earrings are bold, beautiful, Baroque.   


When Diamond Arrangement Becomes Musical  

The Interlude collection features a number of design elements that are classic Kotlar. The engagement ring features double-prong hand-pulled metal, which is a signature Kotlar design. The engagement ring, along with the rest of the Interlude collection, features exquisite Hearts and Arrows melee diamonds set symmetrically.

The arrangement of these stones is similar to that of a musical composition. Fluid, breathtaking and eventually progressing to a stunning crescendo.



About Harry Kotlar

Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for the highest quality diamonds, its hallmark design – Artisan Pavé and “the world’s most brilliant Cushion Cut diamond” – Kotlar Cushion. Spanning six decades of beauty, art, and perfection, Harry Kotlar’s designs evoke old-world artistry with modern sophistication, creating stunning diamond rings, bands, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that celebrate the individual's’ story eternally.

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